No cheating or hacking: The use of third-party software to gain an unfair advantage in the game is strictly prohibited. Players caught cheating may be banned from the server.
No griefing: Griefing refers to intentionally destroying other players' structures or stealing their resources. It is often considered a form of harassment and is generally not allowed.
No excessive toxicity: While trash talk and banter are a part of many online games, excessive toxicity or hate speech can make the game environment unpleasant for other players. As such, it may be prohibited on some Rust servers.
No teaming with other players if playing solo: Many Rust servers are designed for solo play, and players are not allowed to team up with others. This is to ensure that everyone has an equal chance of survival.
No raiding during certain times: Some Rust servers may have certain times of the day or week when raiding is not allowed. This can help prevent players from being raided while they are offline and unable to defend themselves.
No exploiting glitches: Players are not allowed to exploit any glitches or bugs in the game that give them an unfair advantage. This includes things like clipping through walls or using exploits to duplicate items.
No spamming or advertising: Spamming the chat or advertising other servers is generally not allowed and can result in a ban.