+Arctic Base event added
+Armored Train event added
+Convoy event added
+Drop Ship event added
+Harbor event added
+Sputnik event added
+Water Patrol added
+Arena Tournaments added
+Raideable Bases added

Tebex now it's linked with the discord and if you buy a vip you will have the role <@&1083095208356487288> on discord
Hello everybody! Some updates on server. Now if you are offline for some of the time we installed "Offline protection". What does that mean? It means that :

First 10 minutes offline - 100% damage
Between 10 and 60 minutes offline - 0% damage
Between 1 and 3 hours offline - 20% damage
Between 3 and 6 hours offline - 35% damage
Between 6 and 12 hours offline - 50% damage
Between 12 and 48 hours offline - 80% damage
After 48 hours offline - 100% damage

Now you can be safe offline and don't have to worry about being raided! This will make game more interesting and more fun! This will help the player who is playing on another time zones. Server is online and you are welcome to play on it! :)) Have a good day.
- Server administration.

Server ip address:
For Claiming Steam kits You must write /auth
Join our steam group to claim steam kit in all of our servers.

Hello islanders,
We are very excited to announce that we have finally launched our 3x and 5x server todays.
I hope to see you all in the server.

Hello Islanders,
We finally have our social media pages where we will post regularly and host a lot of giveaways so if you don't want to miss out on any of these make sure to drop a follow.

Hello Islanders,
I wanted to let everyone know that teaming is not allowed on the server.
If you are exceeding the player limit you will be banned from the server.

Hello Gamers,
How is everyone doing. I am your new admin and I will try my best to assist you in any situation.
Just open a ticket and I will get to you as soon as I can and will try my best to assist you.

Hello Black Islanders,
how you guys doing i m your new admin you can discuss your problems with me and if you have any complain or facing cheaters , racism or any kind of issue in black island servers you can open ticket i will look into it with my admin panel and Try to resolve as soon as possible


regards Punisher
/kit out of service for this night, we are doing maintenance @here